About Us

Communicating the achievements and milestones achieved by the respective companies to its internal and external stakeholders plays a key role in the success of a brand. In a bid to gain higher eyeballs, technology companies send out a whopping 500 news articles for a feature story to a journalist every day. Considering the limited space available with media houses only 20-30 stories get featured in their publication or portal out of which 60 percent of the space is reserved for stories of global brands.

At Trade Newswire India we provide a larger news platform for articles on deserving brands. We currently run the largest network of Technology news network in Asia and reach out to approximately 1 million readers across the globe. We strongly believe that every story that a brand has needs to be told and deserve a platform. Till date, Trade Newswire India has covered stories of over 200 National and Global brands including some of the Fortune 500 companies.

With a network of Technology writers, journalists and bloggers across India, we are expanding the reach of news published on our platform to a much larger audience. If you are a PR/Digital agency or run a company with Technology as a core aspect, get in touch with us for our media solutions.